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Hustle Wallet charges your phone

Hustle: Power your phone and hustle.

Do you find your smartphone runs out of battery long before your day is through? Frustrated with having to carry around a charging cable and sit bound to a wall? Not any more thanks to Hustle, who have made running out of power a thing of the past.

Hustle has developed the world’s smartest bag.


A Hustle Bag can power any smartphone all day and night, while you are on the go. It will even alert you when it’s running on empty. When you get home, simply place your Hustle Bag on the

Hustle Charge Pad and it will be ready to go again when you are. It really is that simple.

The range of Hustle bags and wallets are compatible with all smartphones. Using the latest cutting edge technology they have the ability to power your smartphone up to four times, from 0% to 100%.

For women, the Hustle Bag is small enough to fit inside a bigger, everyday handbag and big enough to be worn on its own as a clutch or cross body bag.

For men, a wallet to hold your cards, cash and travel documents – and of course power your phone. When you just need the basics, the middle section pulls out, folds in half and slips into your back pocket like an every day wallet.

Combining the finest quality leather and materials and a timeless classic design, Hustle has fused the gap between fashion and technology. Hustle seamlessly melds style with substance to develop a product that all smartphone users need.

Hustle is a small company with big ideas. A husband and wife team who were looking for a solution to an everyday problem. As a mother, a business owner and social media addict, Lisa found the battery life of her smartphone limited the productivity of her day. John’s business and investment experience, entrepreneurial spirit and passion for new technology set the wheels in motion to develop a solution.

Do all the fun stuff your smartphone can do, while never worrying about missing or making that important call or email again. Now you can do it all and still have a phone full of power to keep you hustling.

A Hustle Bag will make your life and staying connected easier, no matter what your day brings or where your night leads you. It really is a smarter way to stay connected in style.

Hustle Wallet Slim

Hustle Technology

-Hustle has combined wireless induction charging technology with the latest in lithium-polymerpower to produce the ultra-thin Hustle Power Pack.

-The 4250mAh Hustle Power Pack is seamlessly constructed into the bag to provide hours of additional power.

-With the addition of a smart battery monitor, the Hustle Bag will alert you when it needs to be recharged.

-The Hustle Bag is compatible with any smartphone, recognising that not everyone has the same phone, or keeps the same phone forever.

-Each Hustle Bag is fitted with a micro USB connection plus a snap-on iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5/lightning connector – so you don’t have to change your Hustle Bag every time you change your phone.

-Hustle bags and wallets are compatible with Apple, Samsung, Blackberry, Nokia, LG and many more smartphone brands.

-The Hustle Charge Pad incorporates wireless induction charging to seamlessly charge the

Hustle Bag. There is also a USB port on the Hustle Charge Pad, so you can use your existing USB cable to charge your phone while your Hustle Bag charges.

-Hustle’s manufacturing partners produce batteries and electronics for some of the world’s largest household brands.

-All Hustle products are globally certified.

Hustle Stockist Details

Hustle has decided to use Indiegogo as a launch pad. Indiegogo is a leading international crowdfunding platform that empowers ideas and enables people to donate and raise funds.

All Hustle styles are available for pre-order at up to 50% discount to retail prices through Indiegogo until 11 August.

Following the Indiegogo campaign, all Hustle products will be available to purchase at at the following retail prices:

-Hustle Bag (Leather, includes cross body strap) RRP $249

-Hustle Clutch (Faux Leather) RRP $199

-Hustle Wallet (Leather) RRP $229



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