Ipod Touch 5th Generation

Ipod Touch 5g

The Ipod has long been loved as the coolest device to listen to your music on. I remember the day when I bought my first Ipod. I would listen to my music on its tiny screen on the way to school. I loved the fact that all my music from my library was on a tiny device that I could carry everywhere.

After a few years, I realised it was time to upgrade. So, I got myself the Ipod touch (Second Generation) I must say one of the main reasons for getting the Ipod touch was the fact that I could go on the internet on it without being at my computer and play games.  My phone at the time wasn’t a touch screen so I really enjoyed having a touch screen device.

Today, that same Ipod touch is in my car, where I use a Belkin FM modulator to stream music to my cars radio. This is really useful if your radio does not play mp3 cds.

Ipod Touch 5G

Picking up the latest Ipod touch, there sure is a difference to its shorter and wider brother. The new model is taller, slimmer and thinner and has a great feel in my hand. The enclosure is made from anodized aluminium and comes in five colours. I had the blue model to review which I think is the colour that I would have chosen if I was to buy one. On the sides you have the volume rocker and on the top is the lock button. There was a little surprise waiting at the back of the Ipod touch. A little lens that allows you to take photos. Considering my old Ipod touch has no such invention, this Ipod touch must be from mars. Seriously, a cool feature to have on an Ipod.

Now that we have explored the exterior of the Ipod touch, let’s synch into the specs. Yes, synch.

The new Ipod touch has a 4 inch retina display with Multi-touch IPS technology. So from browsing the web, watching movies or playing games everything will be crystal clear. Fingerprints are bound to land up on a touch screen but luckily the Ipod touch has a fingerprint resistant screen to help keep your screen clean.


To take photos on the Ipod touch there is a 5 mp camera with all necessary features to ensure that you can be an awesome mobile photographer. You can also take videos at 1080p up to 30 frames per second. Now you don’t have to miss that funny moment when you only have an Ipod touch on you. The camera has the same specs as the camera in the Iphone 4s. I didn’t find the quality of the images to be the best but you must understand that it is a 5 mp camera. My phone has a 13 MP camera so whenever I see a device with a lower mp camera, I always can see that it is not the same quality as my camera. But, still the quality is not bad.

To allow everything to run smoothly, the touch features a A5 chip processor. This is a dual core 1GHz processor which is powerful enough to handle multitasking and running various apps.

The touch has a built in lithium-ion battery which should allow up to 40 hours when fully charged or video playback of 8 hours when fully charged. I don’t know about you but I am not going to test this. What I can tell you is that if you are going to listen to music, use some apps and browse the internet. I would say you can get about 3 and a half hours of full on use but this depends on what you are doing.

The Ipod touch 5G has Wifi and Bluetooth for connectivity. There is also support for Nike + if you are a runner.

The 5th Generation Ipod touch comes in a 32Gb and a 64GB version. For the normal user, 32 GB should be enough space. If you feel that you have lots and lots of content to store on the Ipod touch, maybe you should get the 64GB version. But, you should look at the price difference to see if it is really worth it. Prices start from around R3.399


Features that need a mention:

With FaceTime you can video chat with your friends and loved ones in HD.

AirPlay lets you wirelessly stream what’s on your iOS device to your HDTV and speakers via Apple TV. Or mirror exactly what’s on your display to the big screen. Holiday photos and blockbusters — AirPlay and Apple TV put it all on your TV.

With Siri you are never alone. Ask Siri a question and you will get an answer. Also fun to play with when you are bored.

Ipod Touch 5G

Overall I am extremely happy with the 5th Gen Ipod touch. It has a good build, great features and is the perfect device to listen to your music on. Treat yourself!


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