Get the right Fibre deal with the FibreTiger comparison tool

Get the right Fibre deal with the FibreTiger comparison tool

FibreTiger is a comparison tool that helps you navigate the murky world of fibre packages and providers available in South Africa.

Brainchild of developer and founder, Jacques du Rand, borne from a personal need to quickly and easily compare fibre options, and now available to the public at The tool helps you easily see and compare your fibre package requirements such as shaping, capping, capacity, data and pricing.  You can also search by network or your favourite provider.

“We launched late December 2016 and the feedback has been fantastic thus far.” says du Rand.

If you like to choose your provider based on popularity, there is a handy and interesting statistics page, where you are able to view other popular networks and network packages based on what people are browsing real-time on the site. We have also included the NetFlix rankings ( for the Isps

“It’s interesting to see how popular the ISPs are relative to each other. We really hope to highlight some of the smaller ISPs and their packages which are very good value but the end users are not really familiar with the ‘smaller’ ISPs,” says du Rand.

Du Rand added: “Most people don’t know that you first need to select an available network in your area and then you can select the supporting ISP”.

FibreTiger will be expanding with location searches in the near future, which will make this kind of navigation and choice easier for consumers.

Other future expansions include choice between business and residential use, installation options and consumer reviews.

The site is already gaining fast traction and traffic more than doubling monthly.


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