The Kiffness and Tressor


The December Xperia Mashlab track is now available and we think it is going to be a hit this summer! This month’s collaboration saw 5fm DJ, Rob Forbes throw a last minute curve ball and fast-track the Xperia Mashlab songwriting process so that he would have a new tune to take away for the festive period, as a result we are pleased to announce ‘Evergreen’ by Tresor and The Kiffness.

This month’s artists, Tresor and The Kiffness, were given a three theme challenge: Horror, Tarantino and summer. They produced tunes that startled, terrified and brought about thoughts of summer pool parties and cocktails. It was then up to the Xperia Mashlab fans to select the tune. Summer took first prize, and it was a matter of days before Tresor and The Kiffness had to present the track for its 5fm first listen.

The track encompasses the New Soul, Pop and heartfelt music Tresor is loved best for.

‘Horror and Quentin Tarantino are the polar opposites of The Kiffness and Tresor. But we proved them wrong, we were able to make something and it’s got potential’ says David Scott from the Kiffness

‘Evergreen’ will be exclusively available for download through Xperia Lounge, an app available for you to download on Google Play through your Android™ smartphone or tablet running version 2.3 or later. For owners of Sony’s flagship Z3 series devices, the MashLab tracks will also be available in High Resolution Audio, letting consumers hear the tracks as the musicians hear it in studio.

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