Xiaomi Unveils 3-Axis Shooting Stabilizer For Smartphones

Xiaomi Unveils 3-Axis Shooting Stabilizer For Smartphones

Xiaomi on Friday added another product to its extensive Mi Ecosystem, or MIJA as it’s known in China, with the launch of its 3-axis Shooting Stabilizer designed for smartphones.

The 3-axis stabilizer is similar to DJI’s Osmo Mobile. Both are based on a three-axis stabilization technology. Xiaomi’s product claims to feature high precision acceleration sensors that offers real-time detection of smartphone space position along with 4 shooting modes: horizontal movement, omni-directional movement, locking direction, and vertical mode.
Xiaomi’s product is made up of ABS and fiberglass materials. It features a brushless motor that can rotate from 9-degrees to 30-degrees for a 270-degree rotation without any distortion. This promises to give you smooth slow motion videos. You can use it handheld or hook it up to a tripod.

As far as the dimensions go, the 3-axis Shooting Stabilizer by Xiaomi measures 266x53x43mm and weighs around 450 grams, which on paper seems lighter compared to DJI Osmo Mobile. The product packs 1050mAh battery which will let you shoot for up to 4 hours. It will be available in South Africa and I hope to share some test footage.


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