Why do you love Cape Town?

Why do you love Cape town

I can see by the comments that I receive on my Instagram, that my followers and viewers love Cape Town. So I decided to ask ” Why do you love Cape Town?”

I received so many amazing answers and here they are for you to read 🙂

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Cape Town Guy

@bastantesotaque “So many reasons… One of them: 1st big city I’ve been in which strangers said good morning to me.”

@herbieandfern “I’ve only ever been once, but it’s the only place in the world (and I’ve travelled) where I truly felt at home. The vibe is beautiful and so inviting.”

@ayesha_sasman” Its home to all”

@cdx “Beautiful people. Beautiful food. Beautiful landscape. What’s not to love?”

@idanpict “Because it’s beatiful”

@claireeeedwards “It will always be home even though I’ve moved to the US. My heart will always beat to the sound of an African Drum. Loved driving up the mountain to Kleinmond to visit my grandpa.”

@mattitelli “Variety. The scenic mountains, beaches, vineyards. The array of cultures. The infinite adventures. And the smile you can’t get rid of when in Cape Town!”)

@babydollnisha “Simply answering because CT is my first love  beautiful weather beautiful people, I’m always happy in CT”

@jakemcinnesquinn “I’ve only ever been twice and I LOVE it it’s so homely, it’s beautiful, the food is out of this world the people are lovely and also it’s very warm witch when your from the UK is a big deal”

@gavvronsky “The howling wind”

@taufeeqsangay “Waterfront, table mountain, beaches and people.”

@adleyreddy “Probably one of the only cities that looks good from every angle!”

@sacrament269 “Sitting on the roof of Jameson Hall with your best friends in life, watching the mist roll over covering the lights, you feel like you can do anything. From the unmistakable sounds of main road, taxis shouting ‘Wynberg!, Cape Town!’ to the first time you have to run away from an infamous Bergie. It’s the only place in the world for me.”

@tonbragabice “Had a blast, awesome wine tasting ,lovely beaches and most welcoming people”

@mahler3332 “I don’t live there, but my dream is to become an architect out there and build and design houses for those less fortunate while spreading Christianity. Ever since I discovered Cape Town in my Geography class, I have been drawn in by its beauty and serenity. The nature which includes mountains and the ocean is breathtaking. I cannot get enough out the beautiful pictures you share and what I see online. All I know is that I bet it’s even better there. Now whether I get a shout out or not, because I did break the rules, I still enjoy what you post and the fact you love where you are from! Hope to see and visit the places you capture!!”

@tanakac3 “I love Cape Town because it’s my home. It’s the place where I grew up, where I created memories, the only place where I am fully comfortable. Being so far away from home has made me appreciate it even more and I can’t wait to be back :)”

@mattysham “I love Cape Town because it’s original. Nowhere on earth will you find a great place greater people. Cape Town is the pinnacle of African culture. I love the vibe the smell the feel the landscape. Real love for Cape Town.”

@bonnie_larter “I love Cape Town because it’ll always be home no matter how long I’ve been away… I love it because it’s where my family live, where my Dad lives… I love it because everyone I meet is always friendly and smiling… I love the memories of my childhood that flood back every time I come home… I love it because it’s beautiful, the perfect mix of mountain, sunshine and sea… But most of all I just love it because it’ll always be my home! Thank you @capetownguy for the daily pictures that remind me of where I’m from :-)”

@yona_rom “Cape town is my home even though I moved to Canada I love south Africa and cape town with a passion!! The beutiful beaches boulders table mountain the ghetto in muizenberg the whole city is amazing !! It will always be my true home!! Thank you @capetownguy for a constant reminder of the fantastic place”

@_tryingyourluck “Once you’ve seen those mountains, you’ll never ever forget them. The beaches are to die for and I have never met more kind, down to earth people. I love Cape Town because it’s a cross between a first and third world country. Going to Blikkiesdorp changed me internally. Cape Town is where I found Christ. It changed my life.”

@jtwyble @capetownguy “Kloof road views! Yea buddy get some photos from up there.”

@hamishmccready “Cape Town defines majesty. Mountains, sea and vibrant individuals come together and create a place so incredible, so unforgettable, that no words could ever fully embody its true presence.”

@onestilettoatatime “I love Cape Town because… it is Cape Town, seriously whats not to love!”

@phakiii “@capetownguy they city is clean and orderly!”

@casemnelson “@capetownguy I’ve only visited Africa once in 2011. I’m originally from the US. When I arrived in Cape Town I felt completely at ease. It is peaceful. Serene. Beautiful. This is the one place I’ve ever experienced true peace and happiness. It’s indescribable yet when I describe it to those who have not visited Cape Town yet they can hear and see my passion for this place. Some day I will live there”

@carais99 “So much love for my city”

@elebaldwin “I love Cape Town because it is the only COMPLETE city in the world. Complete with beautiful beaches, mountains, cliffs and inlets. Complete with wine country and forests. Complete with opportunity and hope. Plus some of the most gorgeous human beings I have ever seen. And then, beyond that… Africa and its magical red soil and mystic pull.”

@gulcanbolatli “The light there is magnificent and enlightening reflecting the beauty of the lands and its people.. Now that I don’t want to or feel the need to travel anymore, it’s one of the few places I would love to go back although been there three times ! With love from Istanbul- Turkey”

@danon_pina “The beach, the babes, the beauty”

@danon_pina “And it cape town everything about it is amazing @capetownguy”

@jamesdry “The vibe!”

@errolene_claven “Seriously, what’s not to love. Capetonian’s are the most envied for the place we live”

@dluvduv “Table Mountain and having breakfast on top of the mountain after a breathtaking cable car ride! The view of Cape Point and of course the waterfront ! I miss you Cape Town !”

@springbok_ “The experience you get in Cape Town is one you can only find in Cape Town. The people, the jazz music you hear in the background while you are eating fish and chips (with a lot of vinegar !!!) at the VA Waterfront, the beautiful nature around Cape Point. It’s the complete feeling you get when you are in CAPE TOWN.” )

@jaymotox “Going to the motocross track at Zone 7 :)”

@ahdeel1308 “The people,beautiful scenery and the vibe …what is not to love CT..The Most Beautiful City in the World!!”

@smegacat “I love Cape Town because it’s not Joburg.”

@morganarmanni  “Cape Town is so full of energy and good vibes..there are soo many types of beautiful people and places to see. Everyone here is so chilled (mostly lol). There’s so much to see, hear and experience…Cape Town has a unique flavour that is so addictive, you’d be mad not to love it :)”

@conphil_  “@capetownguy I love Cape Town because its got the X factor in everyone sphere of life.”

@silver_pigeon “For the good time vibez that make you want to keeping returning  @capetownguy”

@haanimpi “There’s something magical in the water here.”

@zeynib “@capetownguy It has the mountain as well as the seas. The diversity of its inhabitants are as diverse and interesting as the beautiful landscape surrounding them.”

@smythjunior “It’s completely unique to any other place in the world”

@sineadpillay “@capetownguy Cape town has the perfect combination of natural beauty: Magical sunsets, the luxury of having two oceans meet, an irreplaceable and majestic arrangement of mountains. There is no place more beautiful than Cape Town.”

@caitlinccloete “It has the sophistication and lifestyle of Europe and the natural beauty of Africa. Plus we can use the mountain as a guide so we never get lost!”

@thalia1811 “@capetownguy the people, the smell, the way if life – when u step off the airplane you can’t help but smile”

@stacekims “I love Cape Town because it’s not johanneburg 😀 the 021 Is the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen ! And I’ve seen many places ! I wish I could wake up every morning to the ocean and the mountains ! Please god ill be back in the 021 soon !!!! @capetownguy”

@princessfaaiza “I absolutely love Cape Town 🙂 from the beauty of the mountains to the deep blue sea, there’s nothing more you could ask for  then the people are soo friendly and respectful and not to forget the delicious food that I cannot stop eating  I don’t think it’s possible for me to ever get bored here coz everyday is a new adventure 🙂 there’s soo much to do and that’s why I keep loving it more everyday”

@cyrilnaicker  “It’s home and has awesome people like you in it!”

@izeha “@capetownguy Cape Town is like yin and yang you have the poor and the rich, you have the urban city life and the beautiful nature I met some of the most amazing people/friends in this city. The weather is not to cold and not too hot. Furthermore there is every day something you can do you can go clubbing (longstreet, 31, campsbay, mercury…) you can see the beautiful nature (hiking, visit kirstenbosch) make a winetour go in one of the amazing restaurants or go shopping at the Waterfront, Canal Walk… and if you interested in sports you can visit the outdoor gym, go surfing or just make a bicycletour, never met someone who didn’t felt in love with this LEKKER place :-D. I LOST MY HEART IN CAPE TOWN <3 PS: sorry for the bad english I’m not a native speaker”


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