Ucook Joins Celebrity Chef Waterless Cooking Movement

Ucook Joins Celebrity Chef Waterless Cooking Movement

South Africa’s favourite dinner kit delivery service, UCOOK, has introduced a series of water-wise recipes to its line-up.  Inspired by the H2ZERO #waterlesscooking campaign which ran on Smile 90.4FM, the brand has partnered with renowned South African chefs;  Ash Heeger from Ash restaurant, Sonja Edridge from The Larder Cafe, Franck Dangereux from The Foodbarn and Callie-Anne Gavazzi from Callie-Anne Cooks to produce delectable recipes, ready for delivery to kitchens locally and around the country.

UCOOK Co-founder David Torr says that as a business based in the drought-stricken province, it’s been a top priority to not only limit their own water usage in food sourcing and preparation, but also to pass that sentiment onto consumers. “One litre of water saved in every kitchen is a litre towards making a big difference,” says Torr.

Kicking off on Wednesday the 17th of January, for a period of three weeks, consumers will be able to order one water-wise meal as part of their UCOOK box. The box is delivered containing all the fresh ingredients and pantry items required to prepare the water-wise meal, as well as the other two meals selected for that week.

Waterless recipes featured include a mouth-watering grilled hake with soy, lime and chilli salsa by Franck Dangereux, an afro-style Italian tagliata by Callie-Anne Gavazzi, an angelfish and carrot curry by Ash Heeger and a hearty roast chicken, crunchy kale and roast cauliflower dish by Sonja Edridge.

The ingenuity of our chef line-up to eliminate water in their recipes has been part of a great learning curve,” says Torr. “We set out to find an interesting way to highlight water saving in an unusual part of the home, and our talented team of chefs have truly done that.”

Advertising agency 140 BBDO, the creative brains behind the H2Zero concept, say that the campaign came to life from a process of reimagining more original ways of tackling the water crisis in the Western Cape. “There are many creative solutions to the challenges we face – and this is one example of how thinking beyond the bathroom or the garden can assist in our fight to combat the current water crisis.”

UCOOK is SA’s fastest growing e-food business. With nine mouth-watering recipes to choose from each week and fresh, organic ingredients delivered to your door, evenings spent in the kitchen have never been easier or more inspiring.

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