UAG Iphone 5 Case

Urban Armor Gear Iphone 5 Case

I was looking online for a high quality Iphone 5 case and I came across Urban Armor Gear. The first thing that attracted me to UAG was the back design of the case. It looked like something you would see military people using. And if military are using it, you can expect it to be strong.

I received the Iphone 5 case in white and couldn’t wait to try it out. I am not going to discuss packaging here as I feel the main point of buying something is for the product and not for the cardboard it comes in. But I will add that UAG have made their packaging look really nice.

As soon as I took the Iphone 5 case out, I could tell straight away that my initial thought of the case being fit for military was spot on. The case has a solid feel. I tried to give it a gentle bend and I felt that I would really have to want to break it to actually break it. I got a cheap Iphone 5 case that I used in the mean time on my desk and I can bend the thing in half. It doesn’t break if you do so but the UAG case does not even bend. It is solid like an Army tank.

The case came with a screen protector and accessories to put the screen protector on correctly. I always use screen protectors and I found the one that was supplied to be good quality.

The case has all the necessary cut outs for charging and headphones and features a big cut out for the camera and flash, that is boarded in black rubber to get rid of the potential glare. The rubber buttons of the case that cover the Iphone’s buttons, do not make it hard to push the buttons in  properly.

The case has a lip on the face of it which means that if you put your phone face down on a desk, the screen will not touch the table. This is also good if you drop your phone.

If you do drop you phone often, the UAG case has bumpers on each corner which will absorb the shock.

The more protection a cover provides, the bulkier it will normally be. I actually found this statement to be false with this UAG case for the Iphone 5. The case provides excellent protection from scratches and dents but does not add a lot of bulk. Lots of other cases on the market add a lot of bulk and make you feel like you are carrying a brick around. I did not feel like this with this case.

So if you are looking for a case for your Iphone 5 that provides excellent protection but at the same time looks good with not a lot of bulk, the Urban Armor Gear Iphone 5 case is for you.

You can buy the case for the iphone 5 in white by clicking here or click here to see all the colours!




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