Thief exposed by Iphone


If you have ever had a cell phone stolen, most of the time you will never see it again. Even if you have an app that tracks where your phone is, it won’t work as the thief will most likely wipe your phone and destroy the sim card.

Finally, we have  a story where a thief has been exposed. A lady was on vacation in Spain when her Iphone was stolen. The thief didn’t know that the feature that uploads photos to Dropbox was on and whenever the phone was connected to WiFi, any photo he took was uploaded. He also sent her a message on Facebook.

Now the whole world can see the thief updates and photos on a tumblr blog. The blog is also pretty popular with 14k readers.

From the blog, you can see that the thief’s name is Hafid, from Duabi. He lives with room-mates and likes costumes, cars and selfies.

And he is unaware that his photos are being shared.






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