The famous unfinished bridges in Cape Town are finally being finished


Everyone in Cape Town and all over the world knows the unfinished bridges in Cape Town.

“The Foreshore Freeway Bridge, also known as Cape Town’s Unfinished Bridge, is an incomplete section of what was intended to be the Eastern Boulevard Highway in the city bowl of Cape Town, South Africa. Conceptualized and designed in the late 1960s, work began in the early 1970s with the freeway aimed at alleviating future traffic congestion in the city expected in the years to come. However, due to budget constraints in city expenditure at the time, the project never came to completion and has stood in its unfinished state since construction officially ended in 1977.” via Wikipedia

They have been used in overseas movies, series and photo shoots. After being unfinished for 40 years, they are finally going to be completed. Patricia de Lille announced a while back that this is the case. The winning tender was announced and was given to Mitchell Du Plessis Associates.

Here are some photos that the Mitchell Du Plessis Associates gave as part of their winning bid:

With the bridges finally complete, we will finally have much less traffic in the Convention Centre area, which as you have probably seen, is very congested. I am pretty excited about this, are you?