Table Mountain Visit


I am actually embarrassed to say that up until the 27th of November 2012, I had never been up Table Mountain. Now I have been living here all my life (22 years) and I never went up. I always wondered how it looks up there. So I decided one day to go up with my dad, his cousin and a friend. We took the cable car up, which was pretty quick and then we went for a two and a half hour walk. The walk was long and tiring but it was worth it to just be in the nature away from cars, computers and noisy taxi drivers. I used my Nike + Sportswatch GPS to map and record the walk. It was about 5.8kms. You can check the map and stats here.

We went to Maclears Beacon, then Echo Valley and then landed back at the start. We found a cave that had writing, that must have been chiseled onto it, that dated back to 1891 ( if you don’t believe me check the pics). Inside the cave it must have been about 10 degrees. It was so hot outside that we sat down in the cave and had our lunch. I am pretty sure back in the day, someone lived there. If I ever need to disappear for a while, the cave will be my home!


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