Suzelle DIY meets bride of the year Tali Babes

Suzelle DIY Meets Tali Babes from Talis Wedding Diary

One of my favourite local YouTube channels is Suzelle DIY which is presented by Suzelle, a DIY (Do it yourself) lover, who loves to share all sorts of DIY tricks from how to make a Braai pie to making your own dog bed.

Suzelle usually has a special guest on her show and recently Suzelle was lucky to have Tali join her. Tali is getting married and documenting the whole process on her show title “Tali’s Wedding Diary”.

In the video below, which was pretty awkward to be honest, Suzelle teaches Tali how to make a DIY wedding cake in case Tali doesn’t mind some icing under her fake nails. But I bet she is too much of a kugel to even be in a kitchen.

You can catch Talis Wedding Diary on Showmax from the 15th of December 2017.

Watch the trailer below:

P. S if you didn’t know Suzelle and Tali are played by South African artist, illustrator, designer and actress Julia Anastasopoulos.