Sony Xperia Z


Right now, I am feeling pretty incomplete. That is because I no longer have the most amazing piece of technology I have ever seen, in my hand. My hand is still not talking to me, after I put it down, not for the last time though. But it could be a few months before we meet again. Luckily in the mean time I have the Xperia V to keep me contempt.

The Xperia Z is Sony’s flagship phone. It is called the Flagship phone as it sets the standard of what a smart phone should be. From its sleek looks and feel to its HD screen and waterproof and dust resistant capabilities, it sure has set the standard pretty high.

So let’s dive into this review and I am taking the Xperia Z with me, since it is water resistance, just don’t go into a deep pool!

The Xperia Z features a 5-inch 1080p Full HD display. Combined with the Sony Mobile BRAVIA Engine 2 technology, the screen is sharp, clear and an absolute pleasure to look at. If you are a gamer, the Xperia Z has an Adreno 320 GPU, which is like a graphics card. So your games will run smoothly without lagging. The 5- inch screen is shatter proof and scratch-resistant glass. The screen already comes with a Screen Protector on. Please do not attempt to take the screen protector off. I heard that the Sony logo is printed on the screen protector and if you remove it, you will lose the logo from your phone. I would hate for that to happen.

Like other high end smart phones, the Xperia Z has a Quad-core 1.5 GHz processor. We use our phones a lot and it is important that our phones have a powerful processor. The 1.5 GHz Quad-core processor handles the pressure when it is needed and ensures that the Xperia Z performs when many apps are running concurrently. So for example, I switch between Instagram, Twitter, emails and Facebook and the Xperia Z ensures that I can do this easily and quickly without any lagging or freezing. The Xperia Z also has 2Gb of RAM to ensure that the above is possible.

Internally, the Xperia Z has 16 GB of memory. As some apps can only be installed on the internal memory, it is important to have enough space internally. My previous phone for example had too little internal memory and I couldn’t install or update some apps as I had run out of space even though I had a 32 GB card. Luckily I moved on to the Xperia V which has 16GB.

For external memory, the Xperia Z has a MicroSD card slot which can take up to 64GB. So you will have plenty of space for you pictures, music, movies, games or whatever else you would like to store on your phone.

With apps like Instagram and vine becoming really popular, you would want a phone that can take high quality photos and videos. Luckily the Xperia Z has a 13.1 Mp camera with 4128×3096 pixels.  The camera produces superb quality photos and if you want to blow up the photos and frame them, as the pixels are high, the photos still keep their quality.

For videos, the Xperia Z can record up to 1080p at 30fps. Video quality is really good and you could easily trick someone into believing that you used an expensive video camera. Features included such as video stabilization help fix a shaky camera.

Like the Xperia V, the Xperia Z is IP57 certified – dust and water resistant. As long as the ports plugs are all closed and you don’t go deeper than 1 meter for a period of 30 minutes or more the Xperia Z will be water resistant. So next time you are cooking in the kitchen or lounging by the pool, you don’t have to worry about some water accidentally spilling on your phone. When you go to a construction site, because we all love to, your Xperia Z can join in on the fun as well as it is dust resistant.

The Xperia has a Li-Ion 2330 mAh battery that can handle about a day’s worth of moderate usage. Now, you are thinking that one day is not long enough but if you look at any high performance smart phone, they all can only last about a day of moderate usage.

The sleek and seamless design of the Xperia Z brings a back cover that cannot be removed. So if you would like to carry a spare battery to help out when the battery is juiced out, you won’t be able to perform a quick swop. So I suggest you invest in a battery pack to quickly charge the Xperia Z on the go.

The Xperia Z comes loaded with Android latest operating system, Jelly Bean 4.1. There should be an update which will bring you to 4.2 so the Xperia Z will have new features. A new version of Android, called Key Lime Pie will be released this year which will definitely come to the Xperia Z as well. This ensures that the Xperia Z is always running at optimal level.

A visit to a construction site.

Sony has really produced a quality phone. The build is superb and has an amazing feel to it. The processor and screen give the Xperia Z amazing performance from browsing the net to editing photos. With the water and dust proof capabilities, you can take the Xperia Z anywhere without having to think twice. The battery is a bit of a concern but you have to realise that smart phones these days all struggle with battery length. Putting that aside, I was really impressed with the Xperia Z and highly recommend it.


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