Sony Extra Bass Wireless Headset (MDR-XB950BT)

Sony Extra Bass Wireless Headset MDR-XB950BT

Headphones are great for listening to music in public places or where it’s not possible to blast your music like a house party. Having a cable attached from your head to your pocket or wherever you stick your phone is not great. The cable often restricts your movement and just gets in the way.

Sony sent me a pair of wireless stereo headsets that uses Bluetooth instead of a cable to connect to a device. Connecting to a Bluetooth enabled device is pretty simple. Once Bluetooth is turned on, you hold in the power button and check if your device has picked up the headset. If your device has NFC, you can tap the headset at the back of your device and the two should connect automatically as long as you have done the initial pairing. You can use the headset with a device such as an mp3 player that may not have Bluetooth by using the supplied auxiliary cable! But this defeats the purpose of wireless J

When connected to a phone you can answer calls using the built in microphone. Just like normal earphones, the music will pause so you can answer the call. This saves you the hassle of having to take out your phone and remove the headset to answer a call!

If you require more bass, there is a Bass Boost button which together with the 40mm driver unit provides natural powerful bass. The Bass Boost mode really immerses you in the music and makes you feel like you are surrounded by huge speakers.

Charging the headset is as simple as plugging in the unit to a USB port. After using the headset for a day, it has about 20 hours play time, I plugged the unit into the USB port of my pc. After 4 hours, it was ready for use again!

The headset is sturdy and the ear cushions provide a lush wrap around the ear for a comfortable and intimate listening experience. The ear cushions fold to for easy storage.

The sound quality is absolutely superb. Voices and instruments come out clearly and outside noise is cancelled out. I went out with my parents and with the headset on, I couldn’t hear them talking nor the radio playing. With earphones, this is always a problem!

On the right headset you have controls to adjust the volume, stop and play the music as well as answer calls. On the left headset you auxiliary and usb ports, the Bass Boost and the power button.

Overall I am really happy with the headset and at roughly R2200, this is certainly some competition for other headsets.


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