Social Media Raises over a Million Dollars for the people of Somalia


It all started with Jerome Jarre reading an article online about the Famine in Somalia and the fact that there are 20 Million people in Africa that are dying from a lack of food and water. Jerome was upset that the media just spoke about this terrible situation but didn’t do anything about it.

Jerome had an idea. A crazy idea. But an idea that will and is going to change the lives of many who need help. The idea was to get a plane and fill it with food and water and then send this plane over to Somalia.

Jerome then looked online to see if there were any flights to Somalia and found that only Turkish Airlines flew to Somalia. Jerome then tweeted a video with his idea to his 1.3 Million followers on Twitter and asked all his followers to tweet with the #TurkishAirlinesHelpSomalia so that Turkish Airlines would see the Tweet and hopefully help out. He also asked all influencers and journalists to help out to get the hashtag trending.

Influencers such as Casey Neistat, Ben Stiller, Juanpa Zurita and many more got on board and got the campaign trending!

Watch this video that Casey posted on his YouTube Channel for his 6.6 Million subscribers to see:

Turkish Airlines saw the tweets and called Jerome and told him and his team that they are prepared to give a cargo plane!

Everyone was really happy 🙂

A GoFundMe page was set up to raise funds to buy all supplies and Ben Stiller offered his Charity, the Stiller Foundation, in order to receive and manage the funds. While the original goal was to raise 1 Million Dollars in a week, more than 1 Million Dollars have been raised in one day and it continues to grow!

The People of Somalia need your help. Please go and donate no matter how small your donation is. 1 Dollar, 5 Dollars or 100 Dollars, every Dollar counts.

Make a difference: Donate now to help the people of Somalia



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