Shipwreck on Clifton


I am sure all of you heard or saw pictures of the Eihatsu Maru a Japanese long line fishing vessel that got stuck on Clifton First Beach on Saturday(12th May 2012)! It was very foggy and this may be the reason for the Vessel to glide into the shallow water and get stuck. It was carrying 90 tons of diesel and 50 tons of fish. The crew, who are Taiwanese left the vessel but the Captain and his dog stayed behind with a few crew members.

This reminds me of Tintin and his dog! What a great Captain to not abandon his ship. But for Atlantic Seaboard residents and other Capetonians, the shipwreck has been a big attraction and many people were there taking pictures

They are going to need a huge boat or something to get it off the sand….maybe they can get The Avengers to come help move it 🙂

So here are some pictures that I took, Enjoy:







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