Samsung’s 2017 QLED TV Line-up Awarded UHD Alliance Premium Certification

Samsung's 2017 QLED TV Line-up Awarded UHD Alliance Premium Certification

Samsung extends its existing ULTRA HD PREMIUM™ certified ecosystem to include new 2017 Q9, Q8 and Q7 QLED TV Models

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – 20 April, 2017 – Samsung Electronics has announced that its 2017 QLED TV line-up has been certified by the UHD Alliance (UHDA) as ULTRA HD PREMIUM™. The certification encompasses the 2017 QLED TV portfolio, including the Q9, Q8 and Q7 models.

“It’s an honour to receive this stamp of approval from the UHD Alliance,” said MS Kim, Executive Vice President of Visual Display Business at Samsung. “We are proud to continue offering our consumers a premium Ultra HD home entertainment set up with our 2017 QLED TV lineup.”

The UHDA’s ULTRA HD PREMIUM™ logo identifies products and services that meet or exceed strict performance levels for 4K resolution, high-dynamic range (HDR), and wide colour spectrum. These specifications enable televisions, content and other external devices, such as UHD Blu-ray players, to fully display content in its richest form, allowing the customer to realise a more accurate content experience from their living rooms.

Announced at CES 2017, the QLED TV lineup features dramatically improved colour performance displaying the DCI-P3* colour space accurately and – in another world first for Samsung – can reproduce 100 percent colour volume. This means Samsung’s new QLED TVs can express all colours at any level of brightness – with even the subtlest differences visible at the QLED’s peak luminance – exceeding UHDA requirements.  This breakthrough is a result of Samsung’s adoption of a new metal Quantum Dot material, making it possible for the TV to express a significantly improved range of colour with much greater detail compared to conventional TVs. With picture quality a top priority for consumers around the world, Samsung’s 2017 QLED TVs represent yet another leap forward in home entertainment.

“Design is dynamic. It’s always changing, just like innovation. We are constantly challenging ourselves to think about how we can reward customers with something meaningful that will be the next big thing. We want to make products that don’t just look and feel beautiful, but actually improve consumers’ lives. That’s why our technology is designed to be more intuitive. ” says Mike van Lier, Director: Consumer Electronics at Samsung South Africa.

Note to editor: The UHD Alliance is a global coalition comprised of more than 50 member companies – including leading film studios, consumer electronics manufacturers and content distributors – and was established to foster and promote the Ultra HD ecosystem and benefits of Ultra HD technology. The Alliance is also focused on helping consumers build a seamless, integrated and high-quality UHD ecosystem from end-to-end. Premium UHD devices and content will be clearly marked so consumers can easily identify them in-store. To learn more about the UHDA, please visit

*DCI-P3 is a common RGB color space for digital movie projection in the American film industry.


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