How to quickly recover your vehicle after it has been stolen

How to quickly recover your vehicle after it's stolen

The greatest power that South African citizens have when reducing crime is making it more difficult for criminals to get away with it. MasterDrive has partnered with ProActive South Africa which is an intelligence sharing database that has the power to start making this possible. After someone is hijacked they can use an online site to send out details on their vehicle to a database of over 137 security service providers and enforcers.

One incident, in particular, demonstrated the power of this technology recently when a father and his two sons were held up in their own home by criminals. A car was taken during the robbery but once safe the owner of the vehicle used the ProActive system to issue an alert. Consequently, the vehicle was recovered soon after the incident.

The managing director of ProActive South Africa, Ryno Schutte, says that the release of the important information so quickly along with the hard work of various security providers allowed for a successful outcome. “It was through collaboration that the information could be acted upon by various crime networks and resulted in the positive identification and recovery of the vehicle.

“We would like to thank all parties involved in sharing and acting on the intelligence after the robbery. The results could not have been achieved without the dedication and valuable support from all involved. This further increases our confidence that we can provide a fast and efficient network between citizens and those protecting them and potentially bring about greater results.”

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