QYG Power Pack

QYG QP5000

Cell phones, tablets, Ipads all have one thing in common. They need a battery to give them power unless you are using some sort of magic. And as the developers put faster processors and more ram in these devices, the battery suffers more. So you will find that your cell phone will not last the whole day which really is a problem. If you are in your office there isn’t much of a problem as you can just plug in the cable and charge your baby up. The problem is when you don’t have a place to plug in your phone and your battery has 5% left because you were going on Facebook and posting pictures on Instagram (like me) using 3G/HSDP or WIFI. This chows your battery and your loved ones will not be happy when they can’t get hold of you. True Story.

So the solution to this is to carry around a small device called a power pack that allows you to plug in your phone or tablet and charge it up.

I received the QYG QP5000 battery pack from Syntech to review and I was sad to see it go.

The QP5000 allows to you to charge to devices at the same time. You can charge one device that uses a micro usb and an apple device (Ipad, Iphone, Ipod). I think this is really cool as if you are an Apple user or you are a Sony user like me, you can charge your phone and also help your friend out. The QP5000 has 4 lights on it each giving 25%. But it doesn’t mean you need to use up the four lights to charge your phone to 100%. I am sure I used one light to charge up my Xperia Pro and the same with my Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

When the power pack needs a charge, simply plug it into the usb port on your pc and charge it up. It really is a life saver and can be used anywhere. At a meeting or even at dinner. I used it at some meetings that I went to and it saved me from having no phone to look at 🙂 And I always need to look at my phone.

The only thing I would suggest is too not hold the power pack by the micro usb cable or apple cable. If you do this, the cable could break off.  But unless you actually do this, there is no need to worry!


Battery type: Li-thium
Capacity: 3.7V/5000mAh
Input: DC 5V/1A
Output: iPod 5V/1A&Micro5V/1A
Dimension: 83*50*21mm
Weight: Approx130g
Charging time: Approx 6h (5V/1Acharger)
Standby Time up to 290h
Talk Time Up to 6.5h(3G)/13h(2G)
Internet Surfing Up to 5.5h(3G)/9.5h(WLAN)
Audio Play up to 38h
Video Play up to 9.5h

You should be able to buy one from The Gadget Shop but I am not sure if it is available yet.

I am definitely going to get my self one!

Happy Charging!



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