Popular chatting apps


Besides for BBM and WhatsApp, which have to be the most popular apps for chatting to your friends and family, there are some popular apps that many teens are using, often not for the correct purposes. Regardless of what you do on them, these apps have become useful!!

Snapchat: With Snapchat, you take a photo and send it to another user. That user cannot save the actual photo but may take a screen shot of it. But if this happens, you will get a notification of it. The photo is visible from anywhere up to 10 seconds.

Gif Chat: Send short, looped videos that self-destruct after a time period of your choosing.

Avacodo: Avocado allows you to share schedules, messages and photos. Great for friends and couples.

Between: With Between, you can share photos, texts and voice notes with other users. What you share stays privately in the app.

iDelete: The secure version of Snapchat. With iDelete, you cannot screenshot a photo or message.

Kik: With kik, you set your own username and then “kik” other users. Many Instagrammers use kik.

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