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I hope you have all heard about the new Traffic Bylaw that was implemented on the 2th of July 2012. The new Bylaw states that any motorist in the Western Cape that is seen talking/holding/using a cell phone while driving will be fined R500 and have there phone taken away for 24 Hours. I would hate this to happen to me. The best way to not get fined and have your phone confiscated is to use a hands free kit. lets face it, we are all going to answer our phones if they ring while we are driving.

So I got the Parrot Slim Bluetooth hands-free car kit. You just attach it to your sun visor or even stick it to your dashboard! The great thing about the Minikit Slim is that it is not designed to be used only in the car. You can take it home with you or to the office and when your phone rings, you can use it as a speaker phone without having to touch or look for your phone.

If you want a hands-free car kit that holds your phone aswell as charges it, Parrot have the Minikit Plus. You stick it to your dashboard just like you would with a GPS unit. Actually if your phone supports GPS or google maps, you can actually use the Parrot as a great holder aswell!

The Parrot MINIKIT range is very easy-to-use hands-free Bluetooth kits that integrates advanced telephony functions, you can make and receive calls while driving, and still keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel. The refined shape and monochrome design – ranging from matte to glossy black – makes these devices truly modern which will find its place in the interior of any car. The minimal amount of time that your attention is taken away from the road when you’re texting and driving is five seconds.

This doesn’t sound like a long time but if you are travelling at 80kmph this equals driving the length of a rugby field without looking at the road! This dangerous distraction from the road can be easily eradicated by simply purchasing a Parrot Bluetooth hands-free car kit. The Parrot Minikit Plus and Parrot Minikit Smart is currently available from Cellucity stores at R 899 and R999 respectively, also their online store at

So what are you waiting for. Get a hands free kit. You will save yourself R500, not having a phone and most of all, your life. Lead SA!


Parrot Minikit Slim
Parrot Minikit Slim

Parrot Minikit Smart CapeTownGuy
Parrot Minikit Smart


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