Offlimit Communications brings new and memorable experiences at brand activations

Bring new and memorable experiences at brand activations

In the age of fast paced technology advancements, Offlimit Communications (OLC) continues to keep up with all things innovative when it comes to brand activations with their “Imagination Into Action” range. Introducing the OLCaptura, 360 Captura and Virtual Reality assets. These social sharing assets are perfected to bring new and memorable experiences at brand activations.


The once distinct line between social media and the real world virtually no longer exists and the seamless integration of what happens on the ground and how it lives online has moved from nice-to-have to non-negotiable in the experiential and events space. Introducing OLCaptura, the perfect way to encourage social sharing around your event or on-the-ground activities.

360 Captura

The photo booth has evolved into an all-round video capturing sensation – the 360 Captura. Consumers stand centre stage and let a revolving video camera capture their best moments from all sides. One hashtag and instantly share memorable content to social media and the world.

Virtual Reality

Our Virtual Reality offering is based around transporting the consumer out of their regular world  into the next level,  bringing the values and experience of brands to life in the most unique and captivating ways. Our services combine precise strategy with profound concept that delivers unforgettable experiences.