Nike Air Max 90 OG Laser Blue

Nike Air Max 90 OG Laser Blue

Nike have been around for a long long time and over the years they have made some really awesome shoes. Do you remember the original Nike Air Max 90’s? They were released in 1990 so some of you should remember!

Well if you do, I have some awesome news for you. Nike have brought back the Nike Air Max 90’s as well as the Air Max 1 and 180 in two versions. The first is the OG, which is the vintage version and then the Engineered Mesh “EM” version which incorporates Nike’s new dynamic Engineered Mesh technology. Both versions still have the original Air bag cushioning that was used back in 1990!

Nike Air Max 90 OG Laser Blue

I got myself a pair of the Air Max 90’s OG in Laser Blue from my store of choice, The Cross Trainer. There is honestly nothing bad I could say about the them. It is really comfortable and I feel like I am walking on air. No wonder it is called “Air Max”. I am so tempted to go buy one of the other colour ways as they all are really nice looking and each pair is unique.

The Nike Air Max 90 OG is really well made. It is a white leather and mesh upper. It has a strip of black leather running up the side which adds strength and durability to the shoe. In the black leather you will find the words ”Air Max” which really adds to the coolness of the shoe. The laser blue colour is used on the air pocket, on the back of the shoe and the lace eyelets. At the back of the shoe it has Nike, the famous swoosh and AIR. I always love this part of the shoe as it lets the person behind you know what shoe you are wearing! There are also extra lace eyelets to allow for custom lacing. The white leather runs to the front of the shoe which will protect it from minor damage as well as protecting your toes when you walk into something!

Nike Air Max 90 OG Laser Blue

The underneath of the shoe is black with parts being laser blue. It really has lots of grip which is great for running or just casual walking around. To add to the vintage look, the underneath of the shoe has a powder finish to make it look worn in. I think it looks awesome but keen to see what happens when I give the shoe a wash.

Nike Air Max 90 OG Laser Blue

Overall the shoe is light and really comfortable to wear. I am really happy with it and even my neighbor asked me : ” Where did you get those cool sneakers from?”. I replied ” The Cross Trainer”. True Story

I suggest you head on over to The Cross Trainer to get yourself a pair and check out what else they got!

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