Never road trip to South Africa, it’s not safe (they said)


When friends and family of Michel Vespasien and Pauline Bachel heard that they were planning a trip to South Africa, they tried to discourage them as they heard it was unsafe without a tour guide.

The couple really wanted to come see South Africa and did not let their friends and family’s fear stop them. They filmed this video to show those back home that South Africa is a beautiful place and it is not what they made it out to be.

“We wanted to visit South Africa and Lesotho so much, but was sometimes worried about the security over there. Friends and families told us that South Africa was so insecure and that we shouldn’t go to this country without a operator tour. But we decided to go anyway and visit this amazing country.

I also decided to record a small movie about our journey to show our friend how amazing it was. So this movie is about our journey (18days) through South Africa, From Johannesburg to Drakensberg and also Lesotho, the Kingdom in the sky!”

Thank you Michel and Pauline for this amazing video of South Africa!


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