#MissionSamsung Challenge 1, Mission 1, Wide angle

Samsung NX300 CapeTownGuy MissionSamsung

So I have been selected to be a part of #MissionSamsung where bloggers are given a Samsung NX300 Camera and are given different missions to do. The winner of the challenge gets to keep the camera and is entered into the draw for the main prize. So wish me luck!

For today’s shot of the day we were told to take a photo that showcases the wide – angle functionality of the NX300. I decided to show off the Green Point Stadium for this wide angle shot. Thanks to the birds for allowing me to take this shot!

Samsung NX300 CapeTownGuy
Shot of the Day “Wide angle” taken with a @SamsungSA NX300 #MissionSamsung.

I decided to throw in a Panoramic shot as well!

Samsung NX300 CapeTownGuy
Panoramic photo taken with a @SamsungSA NX300 #MissionSamsung


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