#MissionSamsung Challenge 1, Mission 2, Miniature Mode

Samsung NX300 CapeTownGuy MissionSamsung

Mission 1 of #MissionSamsung is now over and I was just sent a confidential file with Mission 2’s details. Wait, am I even allowed to tell you this?! Mission 2 doesn’t even seem to be much of a challenge as anything is possible with the Samsung NX300.

*Queue Mission Impossible Theme Song*

For this mission we were told to take a photo of a building structure using the Miniature Filter setting on the NX300. From an undisclosed location I took this shot using the Miniature Filter which makes the surrounding buildings appear smaller than they actually are! I would personally like to thank the clouds and Lions Head for being in the photo. The Miniature Filter makes the surrounding buildings look smaller than they actually are!

Samsung NX300 CapeTownGuy MissionSamsung
Shot of the Day “Miniature Mode” taken with a @SamsungSA NX300 #MissionSamsung.


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