#MissionSamsung Challenge 1, Mission 1, Light trace

Samsung NX300 CapeTownGuy MissionSamsung

So I have been selected to be a part of #MissionSamsung where bloggers are given a Samsung NX300 Camera and are given different missions to do. The winner of the challenge gets to keep the camera and is entered into the draw for the main prize. So wish me luck!

For today’s shot of the day we were told to use the light trace feature on the NX300 to take a picture of a moving light.

I would like to apologize in advance for this photo. Even though I have been keeping warm, some how I managed to catch a cold. I had to write an exam on Thursday night and when I got home I wasn’t feeling good but I still had to take a photo to upload. I would have really loved to go out and take a cool photo but sadly that was not possible. So I set the camera to the light trace feature and grabbed a torch. The rest is history.

I tried to write MissionSamsung 🙂

Samsung NX300 CapeTownGuy
Shot of the Day “Using the Light Trace feature” taken with a @SamsungSA NX300 #MissionSamsung.


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