#MissionSamsung Challenge 1, Mission 2, Colour Vignette

Samsung NX300 CapeTownGuy MissionSamsung

Mission 1 of #MissionSamsung is now over and I was just sent a confidential file with Mission 2’s details. Wait, am I even allowed to tell you this?! Mission 2 doesn’t even seem to be much of a challenge as anything is possible with the Samsung NX300.

*Queue Mission Impossible Theme Song*

For this Mission, we were told to take a photo of any animal and edit the photo using the Colour Vignette feature on the Samsung Nx300.

I don’t have a pet so I went out and searched for the closest animal I could find which happened to be this seagull. That was bound to happen as they are all over Sea Point. I set the NX300 to the Colour Vignette feature and tried to get a shot of the seagull flying away. I did get some other cool shots but I chose to post this one as I thought it looks like the bird is leaping through the air, kind of like a frog.


Samsung NX300 CapeTownGuy
Shot of the Day “Colour Vignette” taken with a @SamsungSA NX300 #MissionSamsung.


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