Logitech G430 Gaming Headset

Logitech g430 Gaming Headset

When in the battlefield, every sound counts. From a creak in the woods to the reloading of a gun it is vital that you hear every detail. The same applies when gaming. You will need a set of headphones that provide the highest quality so that you can perform in the game.

Logitech are really into their gaming products and have thus released a high quality gaming headphone, the G430. The Logitech G430 is a 7.1 Surround sound gaming headphone that really does deliver.

I tested the headphones out in Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3. I normally use my surround sound speakers during gaming and it works nicely. But sometimes, especially in games that require you to listen to fellow team players and orders like COD, I struggle to hear what is being said. With the G430 gaming headphones I was able to hear every word as well as every gun shot. It made me feel like I was really in the game, but as I was being shot at, luckily I was safely behind my computer screen.



Sound command, close at hand

Keep the mute switch and volume dial close at hand for quick, precise audio adjustments. All attached to an extra long, 2.3-meter cable.


Hear them before they see you

You can hear up to seven discrete channels of audio data plus the low-frequency effects (LFE) channel, known as 7.1 surround sound. Dolby Headphone technology perceptually positions each channel in the correct location to reproduce multi-channel content the way developers intended.


Free-ranging flexibility

We know even twin gamers are one-of-a-kind. For a personalized fit, the earpieces swivel up to 90 degrees. And because they can turn to lay flat, they’re less prone to breakage from everyday wear and tear.


A soft touch goes the distance

Marathon gaming sessions mean heat and sweat. We covered the G430 ear cups with carefully selected sports performance cloth for a comfortable, soft touch even after hours of use. And they slip off easily for washing to keep the headset in top shape.


Take a load off

The G430 earpieces have been designed to be slimmer and lighter, without skimping on audio quality. A lighter, balanced assembly means you stay focused on the game. You might even forget you’re wearing a headset.


Sometimes silence is the winning move

When you want to be heard, you will be—loudly and clearly. The noise-cancelling mic can be adjusted to pick up your voice alone. Don’t feel like talking? Easily fold it up and out of the way.


Hear more. Play better.

In-game sound isn’t an effect. It’s a critical component of game play. Our USB headphones surround you with aural information. The sound is crisp and clear, and the jack on your sound card stays open for desktop speakers.

I am very happy with the build quality of the headphones as well as the comfort that they provide. Normal headphones start to hurt my ears if I wear them for too long. The Logitech G430 headphones are comfortable and my ears agree! The surround sound really immerses you into the game. I think I shall wear headphones from now on. Even though these headphones are marketed for gaming, that doesn’t mean you should only game with them. You could listen to your iPod or music on your Smartphone. With a great sound plus an awesome look, that is what I shall do.



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