Jamming until the Early Hours with South African band Early Hours


South African band Early Hours is the first South African band in history with over 1 Million plays on Soundcloud. I sat down with Jake, Adam and Benson of Early Hours to find out more about South Africa’s youngest rising stars.

Band Name: Early Hours

Band Members: Jake Bennett [Vocals/Songwriter], Adam Rothschild [Lead Guitar/Songwriter], Benson Joubert [Bass]

Hometown: Cape Town, South Africa

Instruments of choice: Guitars and Drums. Just like the cavemen did it.

Music Genre: Indie Britpop/Afrorock

Years playing: 5

Claim to fame: First South African band in history with 1 Million plays on SoundCloud.

How did you guys meet and start the band?

“We met in a sport-centric high school. Where all great relationships begin. Escaping into abandoned class rooms to write songs and rehearse while the rest of the school ran around on a field became a habit of ours. We haven’t been able to kick it yet.”

How would you explain your music and energy during one of your live shows?

“It’s hard to contain our energy on stage, so we let it out through movement. That means busting a few moves on stage ourselves and helping the audience to get on their feet and dirty the floor.”

What are the goals for “Early Hours” this year?

“On the home front we’re excited to visit some of South Africa’s smaller towns and hidden gems – playing shows in places we’ve never been to before. We will also hopefully be hitting some of the big stages on the SA festival circuit. On top of that we’re really excited to be branching out overseas, playing at Canada Music Week. Our biggest goal is to get some new new music out there… we want to take our sound to a whole new level. For now you can find our Debut EP ‘First Light’ [https://itun.es/gb/mA2beb] on all streaming platforms.”

What festival, bar, club has been your favourite place to gig at and why?

“Playing in Cape Town, our hometown, is always crazy. Everyone here gives us so much support and the shows are so lively, so we’re buzzing to be opening for The Lumineers when they get to Cape Town next month! We’re still at a point in our career where every show has something new to offer us so its difficult to pinpoint a single one. We hope that feeling lasts forever.”

Which festival, bar, club would you most like to play at that you haven’t had the opportunity to yet?

“Our dream has always been Glastonbury music festival. When we were 14 we used to tell people “We’re headlining Glastonbury in 2018, but until then we’ll play anywhere we can.” We still have a year to go until that headline slot, so we’re just enjoying the ride.”

What band would be the ultimate band for you to open for?

“Arctic Monkeys. They are the band that brought us together.”

Which one of you parties the hardest?

“The danger is in the combination. Throw us out as individuals and it could be a quiet night, but when we’re in the club together, that’s when the trouble begins.”

What crazy things have you experienced during one of your road trips?

“We got the chance to record a single in New York City a week after we finished high school. We wrote our final exams and jumped on the plane. That whole experience was crazy. Just imagine letting 3 barely-legal teenagers loose in the Big Apple…Enough stories to last a lifetime, or until the next time we visit.”

Where can fans catch you in the near future?

“Catch us online! Our Instagram and Twitter are @earlyhoursband and we’re always ready to chat about Bruno Mars’ new album or how many jelly tots you can eat at once. Our next shows include opening for The Lumineers in Cape Town, and performing in Toronto Canada as part of Canadian Music Week. If you’re unable to make either of these gigs, you can find all our music online. iTunes, Deezer, SoundCloud…  A simple “Early Hours” google search should do the trick.”


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