Ipad 3


Well well well, what do you know, Apple has come out with a new ipad. When the Ipad 2 came out apple lovers were really excited and now they are probably upset that they have the ipad 2 and not the Ipad 3. But thats the thing with Apple Products. You buy the 4th generation ipod and the next day the 5th generation comes out. What can we do? Just sell the 4th gen and buy the 5th gen. Actually that is what Ipad users have learnt to do. So if you want to buy the Ipad 2, I am sure there are plenty of people who will sell it to you for a good price so they can get the Ipad 3.

I am an android fan but I still like apple products. I use the Ipod for my music and Itunes to organize everything on my windows machine. The Ipad 3 is a great device and if you are looking for a tablet that is not running android, I would suggest the Ipad 3. Apple have kept the design of the Ipad 2 when they designed the Ipad 3.

The Ipad 3 has a retina display to ensure that everything is crisp and more lifelike. The Ipad 3 also features a 5mp camera which will be much better than the Ipad 2, 2mp camera. You can also record 1080p HD Video.

For more info on specs visit the apple wesbite here


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