Instagram spammers


Everywhere you go you will find some form of spam. I trully hate spam emails but since we have junk folders, it has made my life a little bit easier.

But now these disgusting spammers have hit instagram. These instagram spammers, who I wil refer to as InstaSpammers do their thing in a few ways.

Firstly, they comment on your picture asking you to like their pictures back or either like your pictures. It normally goes along the line of ” This is such a cool pic. I think I may have something that you will like. Check my gallery” or “Please like back my last pic”. Sometimes I actually feel sorry for the InstaSpammer and I might actually like a picture of theirs. At other times I want to transport through my phone and into theirs and pop out and give them a big smack.

Seriously they are so annoying. The next type of spammer are those that follow you. I love followers but I don’t really want to be followed by someone who has six pictures, yes they normally have six and they are all the same with the purpose of getting you to click their link to buy followers.  The third type are those that comment on your pictures telling you that you can get more followers by visiting a website.

The fourth type that I have found are those that comment on your pics telling you that  “you can make this better by using Instaframe” Really? That sounds a bit rude telling someone that.

So what should you do about these InstaSpammers. Well what I do is normally remove and report their comments as spam. This should hopefully aleart Instagram to their spamming habits. Actually once someone mentioned me and a whole lot of other people in a picture about a coupon. It was clogging up my notifactions and I went to their profile and blocked them.

This is actually the best way to get rid of an Instaspammer. Once you block them, they can no longer comment on your pics. But they might go and make a new Instagram Account and start spamming you again. I saw that Instagram is actually trying to get rid of spam by blocking comments with certain keywords.

CapeTownGuy, fighting one InstaSpammer at a time.


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