GoodLuck’s latest single “Thinking About You”is out now on Vevo

goodluck thinking about the box

A story of love found, love lost and then quiet reflection. GoodLuck’s latest single “Thinking About You”is out now on Vevo

“We have all had wonderful people who we connect with and then, for some reason, had to leave quite suddenly, and you are left to recollect the memories of everything you did together. The video for ‘Thinking About You’ tells a story of a man who has lost his soul mate and is now recounting every moment they spent together. It’s a very real and beautiful love story and a story of love lost and we are super proud of how it turned out. ‘Thinking About You’ music video was filmed and produced by 2plus3 productions, directed and edited by Stephen Du Plessis and DOP Fabian Vettiger, who recently had their video for ‘Catch and Release’ hit over 10millions views.” – GoodLuck

GoodLuck are children of the 90’s, so when they decided they wanted to do a cover song, they chose a song that remains a vivid memory from their childhood. ‘I’ve Been Thinking About You’ by Londonbeat is a song that they remember falling asleep to under the table as their parents danced well into the night. GoodLuck’s take on this song was quite different from the original uptempo 90’s pop, which they still secretly love. For GoodLuck, ‘Thinking About You’ is a fragile story of yearning for lost love. Jules’ interpretation of the lyrics has inspired a vocal performance that is vulnerable and beautifully gentle. This coupled with the edgiest production that Ben has ever created, gives ‘Thinking About You’ a modern and relevant twist on a timeless classic. In this latest single, GoodLuck takes the tropical/chilled house sound and pushes it into a completely new frontier.


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