Is ‘Going Mobile’ Placing You at Risk? No matter where life takes you, Samsung Knox has you covered

No matter where life takes you, Samsung Knox has you covered

If the Statcounter Research findings are anything to go by, your smartphone, amongst other mobile devices, functions as the primary device for accessing digital services. Since mobile browsing overtook computer-based sessions for the first time in 2016, mobile Google searches have surpassed those conducted on PCs. Consequently, sales of desktops and laptops have fallen for eight consecutive quarters.

Now more than before, our mobile devices keep us connected to the things that matter most. They store important information needed to manage our lives, conduct business and stay in touch with our friends and loved ones. With so much data available and the ability of our devices to serve as access points to multiple networks, services and even other devices, it is vital to have security that fits our mobile lifestyle and not security that dictates it. This is particularly true with more sensitive apps and services ‘going mobile’ – it goes without saying that the need for device security is greater than ever.

Make no mistake, ensuring that all facets of our mobile experience remain secure is an immutable priority for both businesses as well as everyday mobile users. Understanding the importance that mobile phones and devices hold for work, home and on-the-go lifestyles, Samsung integrated its Knox security platform at multiple levels, from hardware and software to your favourite applications to ensure that your mobile life is protected from threats.

From the very moment the device is turned on, Knox continually serves to protect the device’s integrity as well as the personal and professional information stored on it.

Knox’s built-in security is two-fold. The platform begins in the device’s chipset itself and extends through every single layer of a Samsung device, including the operating system and application layers. The platform ensures Samsung devices have overlapping defence and security mechanisms that protect against intrusion, malware, viruses and many more malicious threats.

Complete Protection in any Environment

Today’s mobile lifestyle allows us to function in ways that best suits our needs. Modern mobile professionals crave a device that operates across their professional and personal lives and they demand high-level security that protects them no matter what. With work and play blending together more often, important apps, information and messages for both personal and corporate applications are mixed together on a single device. This increases the opportunity for unwanted outsiders to access sensitive data such as email, contacts, photos, account information and more.

Samsung Knox makes a modern mobile lifestyle possible by allowing the separation of professional information from personal on the same device through Secure Folder. Secure Folder uses Knox container technology to provide a secure space separate from other apps, messages and information creating an additional layer of security.

Potential Mobile Threats are Constantly Looming

The adoption of mobile lifestyles has increased the use of public Wi-Fi for email and social media usage. A common misconception facing mobile users is the assumption that public Wi-Fi is safe, especially at trusted establishments like popular coffee shops, hotels and airports. While convenient, connecting to public portals can make mobile devices susceptible to security breaches, and expose personal and business information to risk.

Samsung Knox’s security platform builds a digital fortress around your mobile device, shielding sensitive information from unwarranted visitors and malware attacks so that you can get your much-needed coffee and headlines uninterrupted.

Samsung Knox Protects Your Personal Digital Payments

Digital payments have become standard in today’s mobile world. Without the right security, making transactions on-the-go can put your most sensitive financial information at risk. When using mobile payment services such as Samsung Pay, Samsung Knox brings additional defences against would be attackers directly to your phone. Through constant monitoring, Knox ensures your card information is encrypted in a separate and secure data vault at all times.

Samsung Knox at Work

Samsung Knox works just as well for business use. From banking, sales, education and healthcare, to taxi services, advanced computing, airline and automotive industries – all types of businesses are taking advantage of Samsung Knox to deliver better solutions and customer service while keeping the integrity of their – and their customers’ – data intact.

As businesses continue to adopt mobile technology to simplify operations and increase efficiency, security has become more important than ever. The Samsung Knox platform provides multi-layered protection that isolates and encrypts corporate data through on-device encryption, and constantly monitors device integrity.

Samsung Knox was Designed for Life

Today’s world moves at a fast pace that requires us to keep up. Sometimes we get caught in the moment and security becomes an afterthought – that’s why Samsung created Samsung Knox. For those inevitable moments of vulnerability and insecurity that life brings our way, Knox is working so you can focus on the issues that matter most.

Provided by Samsung SA