Go home SABC you are drunk


Dear SABC,

The last time I watched SABC 1,2,3 or ETV, I was getting shouted at by my mother to do my homework. As soon as I got access to DSTV, the days of flipping through 5 channels (I had Mnet) were over. Even with access to loads of channels on DSTV I prefer to watch my content though other services on many different devices.

Now I hear that you want to start charging TV licences for devices that I view my content on. You want to charge me a TV licence for my computer, for my cellphone and for my tablet? Since when do I watch any SABC channel on any of my devices? I watch YouTube, I watch movies and series, I may even have watched Netflix. What has this got to do you with?

Are you planning on coming to my home to inspect how many computers, phones and tablets I own? I understand that you are having financial difficulties at the moment but don’t make your problems my problems.

I am going to end off here, I need to get back to my movie that I was watching on my smartwatch.

Yours Sincerely,



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