Fujifilm XF1


If you are a lover of all things retro but also love technology, you might want to have a look at this retro camera from Fujifilm. Fuji have brought out a range of retro styled cameras in their x range. Each camera has a retro look to it but different features and size. I had the XF1 to look at.

In a nutshell the Fujifilm XF1 is a 12mp compact digital camera with a manual 4x zoom with a retro look. Now let’s zoom into more detail.

Fujifilm XF1

Picking up the camera, it reminds me of a camera that my grandfather used to have. The body is aluminium with parts covered in synthetic leather. It doesn’t really matter to me that it is not real leather. It has a great feel to it and that is what counts. Until you see the screen, the Xf1 looks like a vintage camera. And that is exactly what Fuji wanted you to think.

On the top of the camera you have the dial to select different shooting modes, the capture button and the Fn button. The Fn button is really handy as you can set it to one of the available functions for easy access to it. Some options are Focus Mode, ISO, Image size ect. So basically, you can set it to a setting that you use often so you can quickly switch that feature on or off.

You know when you take a photo and the flash was on and then you have to go and switch if off and retake the photo? Well, the XF1 has a pop up flash. By the flick of a button, the flash pops up so you can take the photo with the flash or just slide it back into the camera to capture without the flash. This also makes for a fun toy while you are waiting for the perfect shot.

The 4x manual zoom is used to turn on the camera. With a touch of the zoom rim, you can select one of three camera configurations. In portable mode, the lens retracts fully inside the body, minimizing camera size. In standby mode, the lens partially extends but remains closed. Then, with one more touch of the ring, activate the camera into shooting mode. Without reading any instructions, I figured out how to use this method of changing the camera modes. I did find that you need to do it relatively slowly as if you are in a rush to take a photo and you quickly open the lens, sometimes the camera doesn’t power on and you will need to start again.

The Xfi features a 3.0-inch Clear LCD display with “Monitor Sunlight Mode”.

When bright sunlight makes composing or viewing the monitor difficult, you can use the E-Fn button to easily switch to the “Monitor Sunlight Mode”. Enjoy comfortable framing and review of shots on the large 3-inch high-contrast 460,000-dot LCD monitor made by tempered glass.

For connectivity, you have a micro USB and HDMI port on the side of the camera with a door to close it. This is also covered in the synthetic leather so it adds to the overall retro look.

The battery and SD card is housed at the bottom of the camera. The battery must be removed to charge it up and therefore you use the charger that is provided. This is better than having to charge the battery in the camera. So you can easily, purchase a spare battery and charge it up while you are using the camera. The lithium-ion battery pack is CIPA-rated for approximately 300 shots between charges.

Overall I am really happy with the Fx1. The leather, even though synthetic, gives the camera a great look and feel. This camera is really fun to use and with its retro look it is a great conversation starter. With a 12mp lens, the photo quality is really good. Go get yourself one!


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