Fidgeters the answer to your fidgeting is here – The Stress Cube

Fidgeters the answer to your fidgeting is here - The Stress Cube

I fidget. I fidget a lot. At work I need something in my hand to keep me focused whilst I work. At first it was a pen. I would do the usual, tap & spin. Then I moved onto a retractable usb cable that I was given. This was actually a pretty good item to fidget with. I then moved onto 2 paper clips which for a day or two were pretty entertaining.

A while back I saw this cube online that made the fidgeter in me very excited. When I saw it, it was on a kickstarter so I ignored it as I knew it would take a while before I could get my hands on one. A few days ago, I saw a link on Facebook for a similar looking product and that’s when I went to google and did some googling and came up with a local company that was selling just what I needed.

So after a quick email one arrived at the office for me to play with.

The Stress Cube has 6 sides each with their own elements that fidgeters will enjoy fidgeting with. There is a side that has a light switch button, a side that has buttons that click, a side where you can glide a plastic nob, a side where you can spin a disk and lastly a side where you can rub your finger in an indentation which is inspired by traditional worry stones, tools used to reduce anxiety when rubbed. The Stress cube comes in many different colours and styles.

For me, the Stress Cube has become my favourite item to fidget with, definitely better than a retractable usb cable and paper clips. You can get one on from R189.


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