Fake Absa Website

Fake Absa website
Fake Absa Website

I always get emails from Absa, asking me to login to change something or some other story. So I thought I would share this email that I got with you and give you some tips so that you can easily see that the email is not really from Absa.

The following is the email:

Recent Activity Report

From Absa Payment AlertAdd contact
To ctg@capetownguy.co.zaAdd contact
Date Today 11:26
Priority Normal
Dear customer,
An unauthorized account activity was recently detected on your account.
We believe that the transaction below was made without your consent, so
please login here to confirm this transaction.Transaction ID: ****D69632
Transaction date: Feb 5th, 2013
Transaction amount: R790.00If you have any questions related to this message or the unauthorized funds
transfer, please contact us with the number on the back of your card.

Kind Regards,
Absa Digital Banking Services

******END OF EMAIL********

1) The Email Address of the sender should match Absa’s website. If you look at the email address used here (nolan.smith@absa.eft.co.za) the domain is absa.eft.co.za. If this was a genuine email, it would have been eft.absa.co.za. So please take note of this and always check that the email address is correct. Actaully Absa will never send you an email asking you to login, but this method can be applied to all emails!

2) The “login here” sends to you to this website (http://sparowstuios.net/wp-conent/cahe/rs/absa1/nv.php?show=00785&_channelIdent1fier_=I&&_language_=en) This website should have been absa.co.za. Always check that the website’s domain is correct. If you try to click this link, it won’t work. I changed some stuff so none of you can actually go to the website.

When I clicked the link, just for purposes of seeing what will happen, my browser told me that the website has been reported for phishing. This is really good as it will stop you from going to the website. I then clicked ignore so I could see how the fake Absa site would look. Compare the two and see how similar they look. If you look at the URL at the top, you will see that it is not correct.

One thing that just worries me is that I received an email as I ended this and it looks like it comes from a genuine Absa email address, yet I know it is fake. Will have to do some research on how they do that!

Be safe!


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