Buying Followers on Social Media


Social Media has become so popular as to the point where you can buy “followers”. If you use twitter or Instagram( if you don’t know what Instagram is click here ) for example, I am sure you stay up until 2 in the morning posting comments on peoples pictures, liking pictures and adding new tags just so that you can increase your followers. The reality is, if you see someones Instagram account and the person has only a few followers, have a look at their pictures and you will see the qaulity of the pictures that they have uploaded. There will most likely be a picture of their lunch and maybe a picture of the view but they would have used a low quality camera and used a really bad angle. The same applies to Twitter. Someone once tweeted that the person with a  few followers always posts lame or racist tweets. I have actually seen this. You get some guy, with 15 followers posting lame tweets the whole day. Why would you want to follow him? You want to follow someone who posts useful stuff or someone with a lot of followers.

You know the saying “Size matters” ? That is debatable but Twitter Followers do. Let’s say we have a twin, Mary and Lucy. Now Mary has 850 followers on twitter and Lucy only has 82 followers. If I was browsing Twitter, like you are doing as you read this, yes I am watching you right now, you would most likely follow Mary than follow Lucy even if they had the exact same tweets. The reason for this is you want to grow your twitter followers too. So if Mary follows you back and re tweets one of your tweets, one of her followers might read it and follow you. With Lucy, this is unlikely to happen.

I must say that when I see someone on twitter who has a huge twitter following, I regard them as someone who could potentially be influential and maybe famous. If they tweet something, many people will see it and this can be great for businesses or promoting a website.

Whats the story with people buying followers? How does that even work. Can someone join the program and get paid to follow a whole lot of people?  If yes I will make a dummy twitter account and sign up and make some decent cash. For those that buy followers, are you getting real followers or dummy accounts following you? You want followers who have followed you because they want to and are interested in what you have to say or post not just because they are getting money for it. Those followers are pretty useless. They will never tweet you or give  a retweet which is what you really need. There is no point tweeting the whole day if no one is replying to you or re tweeting to their followers. You might as well be talking to the wall.

On Instagram you get these people who follow you just so they can get you to click a link and buy followers. I wonder if anyone has ever clicked it? I would be to scared to. You would probably have your Instagram taken over by a virus.

A nice way to get followers on Twitter is for example to follow a bunch of Cape Town people. I have noticed that if I follow a Cape Town person, they usually follow back. And its great to follow people from the same city as you. They will be more likey to re tweet you to their followers and post useful tweets.

But as the Models have learnt on Twitter, be careful with what you tweet. Once it’s out there on the Twitter sphere there is no getting it back. Yes you can delete it but many users will have already munched or taken a screen shot of it. So don’t go post racist tweets because it will get you no followers and most likely arrested.

If you are a Cape Town Instagrammer, then please check out Instagram Cape Town to see what tags to use and to found out how to get featured on Instagram Cape Town.

So follow me on twitter @TheCapeTownGuy or on Instagram @CapeTownGuy and don’t pay for followers, you can get them by spending time on Instagram.



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