BMW i3 and i8 at SMG Cape Town

BMW i3 and i8 SMG Cape Town

For the last couple of weeks I have been stalking the latest electrical vehicle made by BMW, the BMW i3 and i8. From videos on YouTube to photos on Instagram I must say that I am obsessed. So to satisfy my obsession, I went over to SMG Cape Town and had a look at both vehicles. The i3 is a cool little car that suits the needs of those looking for a smaller vehicle but still want to help reduce their carbon footprint. The i8 looks like it should have a Lamborghini badge on it and is a pure beast on the road, apparently! Every time you look at the i8 you see something new. From the blue around the BMW badge to the carbon roof, there is just so much to appreciate. Both cars are really new in South Africa and are sure to turn heads.

Join me in my obsession and check out the photos and videos that I took of these two beauties:


Firstly this is the i3

And this is the i8

The problem is my obsession is even worse.


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