BEMINE and BeCool Bluetooth Speakers

uiu BeCool Speaker

Portable speakers are very common these days. From small units such as the Shox to other units such as the Beats By Dre Pill, there sure are lots to choose from.

Syntech offers the BeCool and the BEMINE– Portable Bluetooth Speaker’s both made by IUI.

The BEMINE model features physical buttons on the top for volume, switching between songs and answering calls whereas the BeCool model features gesture control with no physical buttons. This makes the BeCool model much cooler looking but for some users physical buttons might be easier to use. The BEMINE does come in various colours though so if you want something to match your red painted walls, the BEMINE is for you!

I prefer the look of the BeCool but at the end of the day, sound counts. And both units sound amazing with clear bass.

I was just writing how the BeCool is much louder than the BEMINE but I just checked and my cell phone volume was not on 100%. After setting it to 100% I can now say that both models can go really loud for such a small speaker and they both remain so clear. I am amazed. If I turn either model up completely, my neighbors may complain, though they do deserve some noise 😉

Both models can be connected to your preferred device by using an auxiliary port or Bluetooth.  Bluetooth is the best option as you can move your device around without being connected physically to the speaker. If you want to use the speaker with a laptop, you can use the micro usb cable. Connecting via Bluetooth is easy and without looking in the manual I figured out how to do it!


BeCool Features:

World’s 1st AAC and Apt-X Audio Codec over Bluetooth Connection

High Quality Multi-Touch Panel

Crystal Clear Sound with Radiant Bass Performance

Wireless Speakerphone function for Conference Call

Active Pairing and Multi-Point Connectivity

Voice Prompt on Pairing Status and Battery Level

Rechargeable Li-ion Battery ( more than 10 hours) with USB Connection

Compact Size, makes it the Perfect Travel Companion.

Works with: Mac, Iphone, Ipad, Windows, Android, Blackberry, Skype

BeMine Features:

Wireless Connections: Compatible to all i- devices and smart phones with Bluetooth connectivity.

AAC Music Codec via Bluetooth to stream and perform High Definition Music

Exceptional Bass Performance with 6W outputs

Hands-free Speaker Phone with Noise Reduction & Echo Cancellation Mic

Bluetooth Multi Points connectivity enabled with Active Pairing

Voice Prompt reports connectivity status and Battery Bar Indicator on iphone and Blackberry

Rechargeable Li-ion Battery using USB connection

Works with: Mac, Iphone, Ipad, Windows, Android, Blackberry and Skype.

So if you are looking for a good quality portable speaker with an amazing battery life, check out the BeCool and BEMINE!

Check my keek on the BEMINE here and Keek on the BeCool here


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