Android O finally has a name and it’s your favourite biscuit, an Oreo


Google loves teasing when it comes to the name of its popular Android operating systems. Google hid a bizarre Easter egg in the Android O preview to really mess with us but Google finally announced today the next version of Android, previously known as Android O, which will officially be going by the name of Android Oreo.

There aren’t loads of good desserts out there that start with an “O” so it was pretty clever for Google to go with Oreos. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that Oreos are loved all over the world.

With every new version of Android, Google releases an official statue for the new OS. If you didn’t know, the total solar eclipse was just seen in the United States, which coincided with the launch that took place in New York. So in keeping with the theme, Google unveiled a superhero-themed statue of an Android Oreo mascot with capes on.

Android Oreo is available today via Google’s Android Open Source Project. OTA rollout is expected to arrive first to Pixel and Nexus devices, with builds currently in carrier testing.


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