Air Jordan Retro 3 Bright Crimson

Air Jordan Retro 3 Bright Crimson Red

One day I was on Instagram, actually who am I kidding I am on Instagram all the time. So I was browsing pics and came across @CrossTrainerSA. I got quite excited because I know that The Cross Trainer is the best place to go to get the coolest apparel. So I followed them and started liking and commenting on their pics. After seeing the limited edition shoes that Julian posted, the dude behind the Account, also one of the owner’s of  The Cross Trainer, I realized that I had to get my hands and feet on some of these!


The Cross Trainer                                         My preferred shopping partner

I decided that my first pair would be a pair of Jordans. But what I have learnt is you got to be quick. The pair that I originally wanted was sold out really quickly. So I joined the “club 1960” which is for peeps that want to get limited edition or popular shoes first before it gets sold out. The Cross Trainer posted an Instagram of these awesome looking Jordans, the Air Jordan Retro 3 Crimson. I sent an email and had a pair reserved for me at the V&A Store. This made me feel special 🙂 I found this process to be amazing and will definitely do it again!

I must admit I have never had a pair of kicks(shoes) like these before. And this is why I decided to buy them. I wanted to get something that was so different to what is in my cupboard so that when I wear them, I feel different and special. And I definitely feel special when I wear them, they are Jordans after all.


Air Jordan Retro 3 Bright Crimson Red

So lets get to the kicks. The Retro 3 Crimson reds are a full leather upper. Just by holding them I can feel that they are really strong and well made.The shoe features bright crimson red along the mid sole liner and lace eyelets and black leather and suede cover the upper. There is also 3M on the tongue and on the side panels of the shoes which makes them reflective when a light is shined on them! Good for night time. That awesome pattern around the shoe is actually elephant print with canyon purple behind. You will find the same elephant print on the box!

The Air Jordan logo is called the Jumpman, which is Michael Jordan holding a ball and can be found on the back of the shoe and on the tongue (but without the word “Air”) . The Air Jordan logo on the back is raised and has a hard feel to it. I am not sure what it is made of but it looks really good. It could be one of my favourite things about the shoe. The Jumpman on the tongue is sown in which is good so it can’t get rubbed off. You also get a keyring with the Jumpman logo on it!

The underneath of the shoe is canyon purple and white with the word “Jordan” in crimson red. The crimson red underneath the shoe actually looks more orange to me but maybe this is so because of the white behind it.

Air Jordan Retro 3 Bright Crimson Red

Two pairs of laces come with the shoe. One is black and the other is crimson red, like the rest of the shoe. At the moment I have the black on but I will try out the crimson red laces sometime.

You can get the Air Jordan Retro 3 Bright Crimson Red’s from The Cross Trainer Store nationwide while stock is available.

I am really happy with the overall look and colourway of the shoe and I am sure I will buy another pair of Jordans soon!

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