2016 Ford Fusion 1.5 EcoBoost Review

Ford Fusion 1.5 EcoBoost (2016) Review

Nearly two years ago, the Ford Fusion launched in South Africa and I was lucky enough to attend the launch and I was one of the first in South Africa to drive the Fusion. Fast forward 2 years and I have driven the Fusion once again. Will the latest Ford Fusion live up to the experiences I had of the 2015 model? Let’s find out.

Be sure to watch these two videos first.

See the Fusion in all angles in this video I shot using my Drone:


The 2016 Ford Fusion looks pretty much the same as the 2015 model. The grille design and layout looks really good and I have noticed that other Fords have used this same design language. The Fusion which only comes in a sedan has a real classy and executive look and feel. The boot is surprisingly really big and can even fit a human. *Note this human was not asked to climb in. When he saw the boot he could not believe how large it is and climbed in* *No humans were hurt in the making of this car review*

Ford Fusion 1.5 EcoBoost (2016) Review


You know that feeling you have when you have gone to your friend’s house so many times that it feels like your second home.   That is how I felt upon entering the Fusion. I was welcomed by a familiar interior that reminded me of the luxurious cabin of the 2015 Fusion. The silver detailing, the black leather and the comfortable seats were all very welcoming. I was happy to see the Sony center console with a 8 inch display as being a tech guy it is one of those things that really make a difference in a vehicle. The music experience is like no other.


Ford Fusion 1.5 EcoBoost (2016) Review

Gone are the days where you need a 2.0L engine to power a sedan. The Fusion that I drove for the week came with a 1.5 litre Ecoboost engine that gives off 132kw and 175 horsepower. The fusion also comes in a 2.0 liter version but I was pretty happy with the torque of the 1.5 EcoBoost. You are able to get decent acceleration with great fuel economy with 7.4L / 100km

The 6 speed PowerShift transmission ensures the quick and seamless delivery of power. Two clutches work in tandem to give you the ease of the automatic with the fuel efficiency of a manual. What would a 6 speed gear box be without paddle shift? Definitely not fun. Using paddle shifts to manually change the gears really makes the drive more fun plus you get to feel like a racing driver!


While the Fusion has loads of nifty features, I am going to mention a few that comes to mind.

Sync 2 allows you to use your voice to make calls, send messages or even change the interior climate while your hands stay safely on the steering wheel.

While a rear view camera is becoming standard in most cars these days, I still really appreciate how helpful it can be when squeezing into a tight place. It is also helpful when checking that you aren’t sticking over a parking bay. I once got a fine because of this. Not fun.

While I did not use the Ford MyKey feature, it is something I would use in that rare situation where I let someone drive my future Fusion. Ford MyKey allows you to program your key to remind the driver to wear a seatbelt, keep the music down and most important limit their speed.

Starting at R419,900 – R553,900 the Ford Fusion is well priced for its segment. With its premium features, high end interior and sleek look, the Ford Fusion is certainly a sedan that you should look at.

So does the 2016 model live up to its predecessor? Yes, it certainly does. I experienced the same or even better performance, more or less the same interior and overall the drive was what I expected of the Fusion.



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