2 Great Casey Neistat Parody videos!

Casey Neistat

I am sure you have heard of Casey Neistat. If you haven’t, I am pretty sure you have seen one of his viral videos! Such as Casey snowboarding behind a car in New York or Casey cycling into objects in the bike lane. Casey lives by the Do More attitude and encourages his followers to get out there and do more in life.

With Casey Neistat being so popular on YouTube and social media in general, there are some that have made some great parody videos of his work. These videos show just how great his video style and editing is and also how much devotion and time, which he is limited on, he puts in to his channel.

Here are some that I have found:

This video by Sara Dietschy shows you how to be like Casey.

Casey does a lot in a day and sometimes I wonder how he does it all. This video by Peter Popluhár shows just how impossible a day in Casey’s life must be!

Casey, if you see this. Thank you.


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